Foldable Mini Passport Instructions


Once you've downloaded the printable passport files, you'll see that we've provided two sizes of passport. The A4 size is fairly straight forward. Just print out the pages and place into a clear file or ringbinder to use.

I advise printing on card for longevity purposes. We had great fun at CWS HQ, painting our card with watercolour before letting it dry and running the documents through the printer. We can highly recommend it if you’re looking for an extra bit of fun.

We've also provided you with an A6 size of the passport which is a fantastic size for pretend play. To assemble the A6 passport, follow the instructions below:

you will need:
  • passport pages

  • a pair of scissors

  • gluestick

  • stapler

  1. Print the A6 pages.

2. Cut around the outside border of the pages.

3. Fold the pages along the solid centre line (running horizontally across the page)

4. Glue the folded pages together.

5. Now fold the pages along the dotted centre line (running vertically down the page), you should now have two A6 cards.

6. Place the 'insert' page inside the 'cover' page

7. Staple the two cards together on the staple marks we've indicated on the front cover.

8. All done! The passport is ready for all sorts of adventures! Where will you visit first?!

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