Socrates: Greek Philosopher

Artwork and Biography by Lola, aged 9

The Museum of Very Interesting People features Socrates
Socrates: Famous Greek Philosopher


Lived: around 470 BCE – 399 BCE

Claim to Fame: Greek Philosopher and Teacher

Socrates was born in Athens around 469 BCE. In his early life he followed his father’s profession as a sculptor and stonemason.

Socrates was also a soldier. He fought at the siege of Potidaea, the battle of DeLeon and Amphipolis. Then Socrates gave up being a soldier and dedicated his life to teaching and philosophy.

Socrates asked lots of questions. He believed that asking questions and discussing the answers lead to the understanding of a subject. This way of learning is still used today and is called the Socratic Method.

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.

- Socrates

Socrates was very interested in how people lived. He believed that justice and goodness were better than wealth and power.

One day Socrates questioned 'are the gods real?' He was sentenced to death for asking that question! Socrates was taken to a prison and was ordered to drink poison, which he did. Socrates died in the year 399 BC.

Socrates had some ideas that were considered a bit crazy for the time, but I think that his interest in the way we lived was something we still think about today!