Sir Edmund Hillary - First to climb Mt Everest

Artwork by Belle, aged 8

Biography by Lola, aged 9 and Ava, aged 11

The Museum of Very Interesting People features Sir Edmund Hillary
Sir Edmund Hillary - with Tenzing Norgay was first to the top of Mt Everest

Sir Edmund Hillary

Lived: 1919 - 2008

Claim to Fame: Mountaineer, explorer, philanthropist

Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person (alongside with Tenzing Norgay) to climb Mount Everest - the tallest mountain in the world!

Ed was a New Zealander who grew up south of Auckland on a farm. He was the second of three kids. Ed attended a local school and in his free time helped his dad keep bees.

Ed always dreamed of adventure. He climbed his first major mountain at the age of twenty, but he climbed a lot more mountains during his life. He is most famous for his climb to the top of Everest in 1953, but he did a lot more exploring. In 1958 Edmund travelled to the South Pole. He and his mates were the third people to reach there, and the first with motor vehicles.

Ed was knighted by the Queen of England, and we know him as Sir Ed!