Printable Passport for Kids

Learning should be fun, and all of our ideas at the Curious Wanderer Society are designed to spark your child's imagination and curiosity. This engaging Printable Passport is a unique way to make learning about the world really fun!

The printable passport is free for subscribers of the Curious Wanderer Society. Just click on this link and enter your details and we'll email you the printable. You'll also receive dispatches from the Curious Wanderer Society with some great ideas for using your printable!


We’re pretty sure there’s dozens of possibilities for you to use the Printable Passport for kids, here are five simple and fun ideas:

pretend play

Print and fold the A6 version of the passport according to our instructions.

Let your kiddos decorate and fill in the passport cover and inside pages.

Now it’s time to let imaginations run wild! Tell your kiddos to pack their suitcases, decide how they’re travelling today (aeroplane, boat, train or rocket ship) and which travelling companion they’re bringing along – Big Ted, little sister, or Mum and Dad.

Maybe they’ll take the train (bed) from Peru (their room) to London (the lounge)... then perhaps they’ll canoe down the Thames in a cardboard box and end up crossing the Mediterranean to travel by camel (the couch) to the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt! Who knows what amazing adventures they will have with their passport in hand!

use the free Curious Wanderer Society passport inserts

By signing up to the Curious Wanderer Society to download this passport, you’ll also receive our monthly destination digests, which include a free activity and recipe from a single destination. We also include a free printable passport insert for the destination we’re currently featuring that you can print and insert into your passport cover to really enhance the learning experience.

make a travel journal for a family trip or holiday

One of the ways we’ve used the passport printable is by printing out the cover (adjusting scale as necessary) and gluing it to the front of a plain journal to use as a travel journal when we’re going on a trip.

turn a library visit into a worldly adventure

Print out the passport and put it in a clear file or ring binder. Add a few blank pages.

Take a trip to the library and get your kiddo to search out a book on a specific destination and record an interesting fact and draw a picture inspired by what they’ve read.

make family field trips more adventurous

Make sure you have a copy of your passport and some blank pages to get creative with.

Visiting the museum? Take along your passport and get your kiddos to record some interesting facts. Stop by the gift shop on your way out to pick up a couple of postcards of their favourite exhibits to glue in!

Heading to the zoo? Take along your passport and get your kiddos to sketch their favourite animals. Perhaps they can record some interesting facts too!