England: make an articulated knight

Kings and Queens, castles and knights: these figures are synonymous with English legends. Perhaps the most famous legend of all is that of King Arthur and his knights of the round table from the Middle Ages.

If you would like to find out more about the origins of the legends of King Arthur, be sure to check out this TED-Ed video https://youtu.be/RBsY88Lir-A

Did you know that the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, still gives out honorary titles? Some modern knights that you may have heard of include Sir David Attenborough, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Sir Paul McCartney.

In this activity, you'll be creating one of the symbols of English legend: an articulated knight!

Make an Articulated Knight

You will need:

Download the articulated knight template


  1. Take some time to colour the various pieces of the knight.

  2. Very carefully, cut out each piece of the knight. Ask for help if you need it!

  3. Get an adult to help cut the small holes for the brads where the black dots are.

  4. Push the brads through the holes of the knight, putting it together - lower legs into knees, upper legs into the lower body, upper arms into shoulders, and hands into elbows.

If you loved making the knight, perhaps you could make some other characters from King Arthur's legend? I'd love to see an amazing articulated Merlin character!

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