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Egypt is a large country dominated by desert in the north east of Africa. Its official name is the Arab Republic of Egypt and it is famous for its ancient civilisation.  The capital city, Cairo, is located in the north east of Egypt, close to the ancient city of Alexandria and the Suez Canal. The river Nile is the second longest in the world and is the major geographical feature of Egypt.

The Sahara Desert makes up most of the rest of Egypt. The first people to settle along the banks of the Nile arrived about 8,000 years ago. The were hunters and fishermen, but over time they learned to plant crops and raise animals for food resulting in the ancient Egyptian civilisation by around 3,000 BCE.

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The Vital Stats:

  • Population: 99.4 million (2019)

  • Area: 1,010,408 sq km (29th in the world)

  • Capital: Cairo

  • Official Languages: Egyptian Arabic

  • Say Hello: Marhaban! Ahlan!

  • Currency: Egyptian Pound

  • National Anthem: “Bilady, Bilady, Bilady”
    (“my country, my country, my country”)

  • Egyptians drive on the: Right of the road

Did you know?

  • Egyptian hieroglyphs are one of the earliest sophisticated forms of writing and has around 2000 characters!

  • Both women and men wore make-up in ancient Egypt! They believed that wearing elaborate make-up to look beautiful gave them protection from the gods.

  • Egypt is divided into two parts, Upper Egypt in the south, and Lower Egypt in the north. The are named this way because the river Nile flows from south to north.

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